Tuesday, April 27, 2010


So we've got a first coat up on the back of the house and this is what it looks like. After a lot of thought and no small amount of paint samples, we settled on a very light grey with dark purple trim. We think it looks pretty awesome. From the road it almost looks black and white, but when you get close enough you realize it's sort of an eggplant color. Doing the work isn't so bad but it's quickly getting warmer out and soon it'll be pretty miserable to work in the sun, so we better get the rest of it done soon.
We also finally got a fourth bed in the garden, today.

There's still a fair bit left over from the winter, like the salad greens (the best part of the winter garden), some peas, scallions, chard, and spinach. I just pulled up all the mustard greens and filled about three quarts for freezing. The spinach wasn't as productive as I'd like given the space it needs and how long it takes, so I'll probably skip it next year. Peas and carrots both went off well enough to justify doing again. Chard finally filled it, but I'm not sure we'll do it again either. Scallions definitely. So far for the spring/summer plants we've got about 22 peppers going, from bells to sweet to very hot. I'm hopeful that we'll get enough bells for eating fresh around here, sweets for eating fresh and pickling, and hots for pickling and drying for soups and other dishes. We've got two tomatoes in a bed, and a few more in a sunny spot in the front yard, so we'll see how they turn out. Otherwise there's one okra plant and some basil until the greens quit giving us all the salad we can eat. Then I'd like to get in some squash and eggplant and cukes. And there's probably space for some more herbs out there now too rather than keeping them all in pots on the slab. Cheers.


  1. House color looks great! And the garden too!

  2. HEY YOU TWO! Let's see the front :)