Wednesday, September 30, 2009

House Color Help

Now that the weather has finally broken (highs in the 80s instead of 90s), we're thinking about tackling our next big project: painting the house. Something about the current two-tone blue feels a bit dated. We're not averse to adventurous colors - after living downtown across the street from a sage green house, a pink house, and a purple house we've come to like bright house colors - but since we don't live in a historic downtown and we want to sell the house in four or five years, we need something a bit tamer. We've thought about yellow, red, green, white, until we're blue in the face. Anyone got any suggestions?


  1. Yall need to put some Big Orange on the house and show us some VOLS love! Seriously, maybe a soft green like the color of your blog might be nice. We plan on hitting the town this weekend so we'll toss back a few in your names at the Blue Post or Ortons... pfunk

  2. Aahh, Blue Post, how I miss thee. Shall I count the ways?

    I think you might need to work on your reading skills, Pete. I said we need a TAME color.

  3. I think a sea foam green sort of like the background on this blog would look good. Just a thought.